Next Animation Studio has 500 animators working around the clock to produce fast, accurate, engaging and ready-to-use, broadcast-quality animations, from start to finish, in less than 90 minutes. With the need for timely and accurate visualizations and with the thousands of hours of production experience behind us, Next Animation Studio brings the best animated graphics to broadcasters and online publishers worldwide with the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

We start by understanding the client's needs. We ask questions about the client's message, intended audience and ultimate goal.
Next, comes script development. An exchange of ideas leads to identification of the 3D characters to appear in the animation and the creation of a story flow.
The third step is the 3D model consultation and development. You can use 3D characters and objects from our library of more than 100,000 images. Or, we can develop custom 3D models for you.
In the storyboarding stage, your animation begins to take life. Draft panels outline — shot by shot, cut by cut — each scene in your animation.
We then set your animation in motion. Using the latest in motion capture technology, our actors perform scenes from your script.
In the final stage, your story is animated by our team of more than 500 artists and creative professionals, using the most sophisticated software and imaging tools available.