• What is News Direct?

    News Direct is a 3D animated news graphics service that provides daily high-quality, informative animations to media outlets worldwide. News Direct is brought to you by Next Animation Studio via Reuters' established distribution platform.

  • Who produces News Direct's animated news graphics?

    The News Direct service is produced by Next Animation Studio, Asia's largest full-service 3D animation studio. Working with a talented, experienced team of 500 animators and the latest technology in the computer graphics animation industry, Next Animation Studio's journalists and editors bring you daily animations of breaking news stories and in-depth features.

  • Who uses News Direct?

    News Direct is used by media outlets worldwide, including both television broadcasts and online publishers. Our animations cover the latest international breaking news stories and a broad range of explanatory features about science, health, technology, military, and much more.

  • Why use News Direct's animated news graphics?

    To be competitive in today’s news industry, companies need to find a new niche to better engage the general audience. News Direct has the ability to help fill in the gaps of missing video news coverage and to explain complex, abstract concepts. For more information about how News Direct’s animated news graphics can improve your broadcasts and websites, please visit our Why Animation page.

  • How do I purchase animated news graphics from News Direct?

    News Direct's animated graphics are available to Reuters' global network of broadcasters and online publishers through a subscription-based service. For more information or to sign up, please visit our Subscription page or email

  • How do I contact a journalist or an editor with feedback or corrections?

    News Direct welcomes any feedback from clients and viewers. All News Direct journalists and editors can be reached at

  • Are the animated news graphics available in television broadcast quality?

    News Direct’s animated news graphics are available for both broadcast and online use globally.

  • Do the animations come with or without voiceovers?

    News Direct's animations are delivered with an English narration. Clients have the option to use the provided narration or dub over with your own voice-over to better serve your editorial style or regional audience.

  • How do I commission a custom animation?

    Next Animation Studio specializes in understanding our clients' needs and goals, and pride ourselves on our client partnership in developing the perfect animation for a targeted audience. If you would like to commission a custom animation, please visit our Custom Animation page for more information or email us at